Monday, June 2, 2014

Let Go Of Split Ends

It's been a while since I've posted, but I keep getting questions about the topic of trimming and damaged ends. This is a problem that just about anyone with hair has had to address, whether you prefer heat free styling or wearing your hair pressed/flat ironed. The truth is if you style you hair often you need to trim your hair more often to prevent damage.

There is nothing healthy about holding onto 3 inches of damaged hair just to prove your hair is long. Length doesn't always equal healthy hair. On average most people should get regular trims every 3-4 months, unless you spend the majority of your time in a protective style like a weave. For those that prefer heat free styling this is just as important because the use of water and styling products in your hair often cause the hair to swell and contract which can also cause split ends and breakage.
Damaged ends that need to be trimmed. A comb can be seen through the ends easily.

The longer you hold onto split/damaged ends the more breakage will occur and the more hair will probably have to be cut off when you do finally decide the get a trim. Split ends don't just break at the ends of hair, they can cause damage higher up in your hair causing it to look thin and sparse. Once ends are split nothing can put them back together. Even though a good strength or deep conditioning treatment can help hair look and feel healthier, it does not repair split ends. A good way to tell if your ends need to be trimmed is if you can see through them clearly, it's probably time to let it go.

Hair after a trim appears healthier and thicker.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Deep Conditioning Wigs, Weaves & Extensions

I hear a lot of women talking about how often they need to buy new hair for wigs, weaves and extensions. I've noticed that many women who come into the salon don't realize that they should be caring for the hair used for their hair enhancements. In fact most are using more heat on their wigs and extensions because they don't view it as being hair that can be damaged like their natural hair or they just figure it's replaceable. If you spend good money buying quality hair, why wouldn't you want to take care of it?

Wigs and extensions should be treated similar to your natural hair and even better in most cases since that hair doesn't get the benefits of the oils and nutrients from your scalp. Using deep conditioning and shine treatments can help bring dull extensions back to life, giving them a healthy looking shine. This is even more important if you wear hair that has been colored or otherwise chemically treated. 

I have worn light brown to blonde hair extensions and wigs for years and I still have extensions from over 5 years ago that are still in great shape because I've treated them well. I deep condition the hair at least once a month while I'm wearing the hair and again after it's been removed to prepare them to be reapplied or stored.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Save Your Style During Workouts

"How do I keep my hair neat between appointments if I workout?" I hear this more than any other question from my clients. The good news is you don't have to choose between working out and having beautiful hair. My secret to maintaining my style during workouts is a cotton bandana.

I know it sounds crazy, especially since I'm always on my clients about using satin scarfs and pillowcases when they sleep. However, the cotton helps to absorb excess moisture from sweat during workouts and keeps your hair in place. I've tried some of the wraps made from materials that claim to wick moisture away from the hair and preserve style, but I always go back to using my cotton bandana because it always works better and costs a lot less. Follow the step below to protect your style during your workouts.

Wrap your hair with the bandana. If you wear a weave or protective style focus on laying down your natural hair. The length of your hair should be pulled into a loose braid or ponytail if possible.

Blow dry your hair with the bandana still on, to prevent your hair from curling or shrinking.

Once your hair is dry, remove the cotton bandana to reveal smooth straight, edges. If necessary use an edge tamer to help smooth any unruly hair around your edges.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Condition Your Way to Healthy Hair

Have you ever noticed your hair breaks after a pure protein treatment? When reconstructing your hair make sure to ALWAYS balance it with a moisture treatment. Too much protein can cause the hair the be dry and brittle causing more breakage. Hair is made up of the same protein as nails but unlike nails, healthy hair is needs more moisture to remain soft and flexible.

In the salon I use a variety of reconstructing treatments based on the health and texture of my clients' hair. Different hair textures need different levels of protein and moisture to maintain a healthy balance. To decide on the best balance for your hair texture consult a professional stylist for help deciding on the best treatment regimen to reach your healthy hair goals.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Dryer is Your Friend

Hair Care Tip of the Week: After shampooing your weaves, braids and other protective styles make sure to use a hair dryer to dry your hair completely. Wearing a weave with a wet base can cause mildew and bacteria to grow underneath. Using an antiseptic wash (see my previous post) under the base during your shampoo can help prevent bacteria from festering, but it's still important to dry your hair as soon as possible. If you're anything like me, you hate sitting under the dryer because it's hot and boring so make sure to bring something to do while you sit.

The best way to shampoo and maintain your weave is in the salon with a professional stylist. However, if you shampoo at home make sure to have a dyer cap handy and whatever you do don't sleep with a wet weave. In case you don't have a dryer, you can get a dryer cap attachment for your blow dryer from your local beauty supply store.
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Is Your Scarf Causing Oily Hair?

Have you ever gone to your stylist and complained that your hair gets oily too fast? If so, the culprit may be a dirty/oily hair scarf. Make sure to wash your satin sleep scarf regularly, I recommend once a week. You wouldn't sleep on the same pillowcase for 6 months without throwing it in the laundry, so why would you wear a scarf that hasn't been cleaned in a year? Putting an oily scarf on freshly washed or styled hair only redeposits the dirt and oil you just paid your stylist to get rid of.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No More Itchy, Smelly Weaves

Tired of itchy, smelly weaves? Use an antiseptic wash during your shampoo to cleanse the base of your weave and remove any sweat and build up that may cause odors and itching. All of my weave clients get an antiseptic wash during their weave maintenance appointments.

My favorite products for this are Luxe Therapy's Pre-Cleanse Solution and Revitalizing Shampoo. Here is how to use it:

Mix 1 ounce of the Pre-Cleanse Solution with a little bit of Revitalizing Shampoo and about 2 ounces of warm water in an applicator bottle. Squeeze the mixture under your weave in between the tracks then use the Luxe Therapy Scalp Soother to massage the mixture under the base. Rinse the your hair thoroughly, making sure to let the water run under the base as much a possible. 

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